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On 28th November 2018 the presentation of 2019-20 Erasmus+ projects took place in Donosti.
The coordinator Gemma Gutierrez took part in it as speaker, answering some questions asked by Conchi Bergera  and Octavio Martinez ( from Sepie National Agency). The questions were related to the presentation of the project, the choice of partner, the reason of presenting the project, the implication of the school management staff, the impact of the project and its sustainability. She animated the attendants to participate in Erasmus+.
While she was talking, the project was on a screen so that the attendants could see what it is about. They were also informed where they could also consult the project in detail, in case they will be interested.
It has been a very good opportunity to disseminate the project to the Basque school community as well as share experiences which has been a big support to continue working and be of help for newcomers as we were last year.

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