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First short term joint staff training event

Monday, 15th October. 9.00 We arrive at Katerini School and we are welcomed by the headmaster and Katerini School staff.

10.00 Ready for work!! We start our meeting with a presentasion by Maria Dabra,the coordinator of the Greek school, on the town Katerini and its most representative parts.She also explains us the Greek educational system. Then we discuss  the details of the project management. We agree the consent report, talk about the documents needed  up to now and where we are going to keep all those documents.

We also see the schools' websites, the Blog we are going to share, twinspace and the instagram account as a way of dissemination of the project.

But as it is said "work and not play makes a Jack a dull Boy" so we stop for a break and we are delighted by some traditional Greek songs and dances performed by a group of students.

Going back to work, in the last part of the day, we talk about the short School curricular Elexalde BHI has and how the teachers from other subjects will participate in the project.

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