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First short-term joint staff training in Katerini

The first short -term joint staff event was going to take place in September.
Katerini Secondary School and Elexalde High School decided to postpone it for October, because we agreed we needed more time to organise the training and we had already had the first contact with the project.We decided to carry out in October. 

At the end, this meeting will take place from October 14th to October 20th. 
The objective of this training is that as we both schools are newcomers, learning how eTwinning works is essential because it is a supporting tool to communicate and disseminate the project.
At the same time students, parents and School staff will be trained to know it and use it.
On the other hand, we will also train in the use of flipped classroom methodology to develop the project.

Didactic units and School curricula will also be discussed and design a model to follow.
All the documents related to project management will be assented.
Getting to know the Greek School, School staff, and students who participate in it will be in our agenda.

We are getting ready to travel!!!!

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